Assign a Custom Domain to Your Server

    In this tutorial we will walk you through the process of attaching an external custom domain to a server started with Bitnami Cloud Hosting (BCH). Basically, you will need to: 

    1. Configure the domain in your DNS provider:
      • Add an static IP address to the server and create an A-record
      • or, create a CNAME that points to the * domain assigned to your server
    2. Setup the custom domain in Bitnami Cloud Hosting
    3. Wait until the changes in the DNS propagate (it will take some time before all of the DNS servers refresh the new domain location)


    Configure the Domain in your DNS Provider with A-record

    If you use A-record to configure your domain name you will point an existing domain name to an IP address. In this case, we will assign an static IP address in Bitnami Cloud Hosting and then setup that IP in the A-record.

    The servers started in Bitnami Cloud Hosting use dynamic IP by default, which means that the IP address changes every time you stop and restart the machine. It is recommended to first assign an static IP address to the server if you want to use A-records so it is not needed to update the IP value on every start. Once the new IP address is assigned to the server, you can use it in your DNS provide to create the A-record. 

    Assign Static IP Address to the Server

    If your Bitnami Cloud Hosting server is already running, you can follow the steps below to assign an static IP:

    1. Go to the 'Manage' section (select the server in the servers list and click Manage button)
    2. You can see the current IP address assigned to your server as "IP Address" as well as the type of address (Dynamic or Static) next to the value.

    1. Click the 'Assign IP' button. It will open a popup where you can select the IP address type.

    1. Choose "Newly created static IP" or an already available IP address which you want to assign to this machine.
    2. Click the "OK" button. After some time, your server will be available at the new IP static address. The sttring "(Static)" will appear next to the IP value

    You can also configure the IP address on server creation clicking the "Dynamic IP" icon in the creation form. You will get a similar popup and the static IP will be already assigned once the server build process finishes.

    Please note that Static IP addresses / Elastic IPs are only free of charge when they are attached to an instance. Amazon charges you 1 cent per hour for Elastic IPs that are reserved to your account but not assigned to a server (more info).


    Configure DNS Provider

    We do not currently enable creating or managing domain names from the Bitnami Hosting interface. You should go to your DNS provider management console and point the domain name to the Bitnami Hosting machine IP by adding an A-record. Below are step by step instructions for some of the popular DNS providers:

    Your current server IP can be fetched from the Manage section in Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

    Please note that it may take some time before all of the DNS servers refresh the new domain location. 

    Configure the Domain in your DNS Provider with CNAME

    Alternatively, you can use a CNAME instead of A-record. CNAME allows you to point one domain to another. In this case, it is not required to assign an static IP to your server. You will just need to configure your CNAME to point to the domain you have chosen for your server. 

    Please note that it may take some time before all of the DNS servers refresh the new domain location.


    IMPORTANT: If you already configured your domain name for emails, note configuring your domain with CNAME could break your email configuration. In this case you should configure your domain to use A-Record and check your MX records are not modified for your domain.

    Setup Custom Domain in Bitnami Cloud Hosting

    There are two types of domain that you can configure in the Bitnami Cloud Hosting servers:
    • Application Domains: can be configured to access a specific application like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal directly at your custom domain (i.e
    Please check the sections below to learn more how to configure each of them

    Application Custom Domain Name

    Some applications like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla! have their own domain configuration. You can change their custom domain in the applications tab if you want them to appear in your new domain. Please check the links below:

    Main Server Domain Name

    Once the server is running, you can assign a custom domain as the main domain to access the welcome page and the applications configured with a prefix or subdomain as follows: 

    1. Go to Manage section. (Select the server in the servers list and click the Manage button)
    2. Click the pencil that appears next to Public DNS field. 

    1. Click "Add Custom Domain" in the popup that appears

    1. Specify your custom domain and click "Ok"

    1. Your new domain value will be then notified to any application that requires it and included in the server manage section.

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