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    There is currently a conflict in the Craftbukkit project among some of their developers relating to licensing and copyright. Until that dispute is resolved we have decided to remove downloads and cloud images for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience but it is the right thing to do. We will restore them once the Craftbukkit project itself has figured out these issues.



    A Bukkit (Minecraft Server API) implementation. 

    We also ship an easy way to connect to your CraftBukkit Console. The craftbukkit Console is the Console Management of the server. It will allow you to send messages to the players that are playing on you server, kick/ban players, save the worlds... It will allow you to check for errors too.

    If you want to play Minecraft on a Craftbukkit server, you will need to buy it in its official page:

    Please, take a look to the Quick Start Guide to know the basic use of this Stack.

    How to open the CraftBukkit server port?

    CraftBukkit server works on the port 25565. Our Cloud Instances are already configured to allow the connections to that port, but you will need to configure your Cloud Provider firewall settings to allow the connection to that port.


    To open the CraftBukkit server port, you will need to modify the instance Security Group, and add the port 25565/TCP in Inbound Connections.

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    Which Minecraft clients are supported?

    The latest Minecraft clients will be able to connect to the server.

    How to connect to your server?

    To connect to the server you must have your Minecraft Client upgraded to the latest release. 

    If you already are in the latest release of the Minecraft Client, you can follow this steps to connect to the server:

    • Open Minecraft client, and click on "Multiplayer"


    • Click on "Add Server"


    • Add a name to your server, and the IP of your server or the domain name. Click Done to add the server


    • Choose your server and click "Join Server"


    How to connect to the CraftBukkit Console?

    To connect to the CraftBukkit Console, you will need to run:

    sudo /opt/bitnami/craftbukkit_console

    How to disconnect to the CraftBukkit Console?

    To disconnect from the CraftBukkit Console you have to click CTRL+A and then CTRL+D. With that, you will exit from the Craftbukkit Control without stop the server.

    How to access to the CraftBukkit WebMap?

    We include a bunch of plugins that will help the user to manage the server. Once of them is "DynMap", and you can access to the WebMap going with your browser to:


    How to start/stop the servers?

    If you want to start/stop the servers, you can do it running this commands:


    sudo /opt/bitnami/ start apache
    sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop apache


    Or CraftBukkit server:

    sudo /opt/bitnami/ start craftbukkit
    sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop craftbukkit


    Also, you are able to manage both of them at the same time:

    sudo /opt/bitnami/ start
    sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop

    How to create a backup of Craftbukkit?

    To create a full backup of your CraftBukkit, you can do it manually, or using a Plugin.

    Using Essentials plugin (recommended)
    We already include a default configuration to do backups, but we don't enable it. If you want to enable it, you must run this command:
    sudo sed -i "s@#command: '/opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/scripts/'@command: '/opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/scripts/'@g" /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/server/plugins/Essentials/config.yml

    This configuration will create a backup of your plugins directory and all your maps every 30 minutes. If you want to change this interval, you can do it in /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/server/plugins/Essentials/config.yml:

      # Interval in minutes.
      interval: 30
      # Unless you add a valid backup command or script here, this feature will be useless.
      # Use 'save-all' to simply force regular world saving without backup.
      command: '/opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/scripts/'

    After change it, you must restart CraftBukkit server

    sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart craftbukkit
    Manual Approach

    You can do it a backup of your worlds, doing a .tar file of your CraftBukkit Server folder:

    cd /home/bitnami; tar cvfz craftbukkit_backup_$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/

    You can configure a Cron task to do the backups in the desired intervals.

    How to upgrade Craftbukkit?

    Keep in mind, please, that upgrading CraftBukkit may corrupt your worlds. So we recommend to have a backup of your worlds before start the Upgrade process.

    Upgrading only CraftBukkit Server
    NOTE: Please, be careful while upgrading your Craftbukkit server. You must be sure that all your plugins work on the new version of Craftbukkit. If you don't do this, you could corrupt your world maps.
    To upgrade the CraftBukkit server, you must follow this steps
    • Stop your CraftBukkit server
    /opt/bitnami/ stop
    • Move your old CraftBukkit .jar file to other place
    mv /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/server/craftbukkit.jar /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/server/craftbukkit-old.jar
    • Move your new CraftBukkit server
    cd ; mv craftbukkit.jar /opt/bitnami/apps/craftbukkit/server/craftbukkit.jar
    • Start your new CraftBukkit server
    sudo /opt/bitnami/ start
    Upgrading all the AMI components

    If you want to upgrade all the AMI components, you will need to start a new AMI with the new Bitnami CraftBukkit Minecraft Server and import a backup of your worlds/plugins folders.

    How to install a plugin on Craftbukkit?

    First of all, ensure that the plugin you want to download and use is compatible with your Craftbukkit server version. Once you do it,  you only have to download the plugin from and put the .jar file on:


    After download the plugin, restart the Craftbukkit server:

    /opt/bitnami/ restart craftbukkit 

    How to enable SSL?

    You can see how to configure Apache to enable SSL connections at How to enable SSL to access through https?

    How to debug Craftbukkit errors/How to check the CraftBukkit logs?

    If you face an error on your CraftBukkit server, you can check what's happening checking its log. The log is located:

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