How do I associate an IP address with a new instance

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    Once you have checked that the application is running properly and all of the data was successfully migrated, you can associate the old server IP address with the new instance. To do so, go to "Elastic IP's" in the Amazon AWS Console and change the instance associated with it. If you do not have any IP address, you can create a new one:

    If you are using Bitnami Cloud Hosting, you can either delete the old server (if you made a backup, you will still be able to restore it in the future) or use the "assign IP' button in the Manage section for your server to change the IP of the old server. You will then be able to go to the new server, click on the "assign IP" button and select the old IP address for your new server.

    Once it has been updated (note that this sometimes takes a few minutes), you can access the new instance using the same domain name that you were using for the previous instance.

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