How can I create a backup of my EBS instance

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    We strongly recommend that you create a backup of your current instance if you are going to do major changes or upgrades. It is not absolutely necessary if you are migrating the data to a new instance because the process does not modify your current instance, but in general it is a best-practice to make a backup before starting on any process where you will be accessing or making changes to your server, particularly if you are new to the process. 

    There are different ways to create a backup. For this tutorial, we will use the snapshot feature of the Amazon Cloud. 

    To create a snapshot with a consistent file system, you should stop the server(s) before taking the snapshot. If you have never logged into your machine, see this guide for instructions on connecting to your instance. Once you are logged in, run this command to stop the server(s):

    $ sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop

    You can now create a new EBS image (snapshot) based on this instance.

    If you run into issues during this process, you can simply launch a new instance from this snapshot and restart the process.

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