Deploying WordPress on Windows in the Amazon Cloud with a Free Bitnami AMI

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    This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through creating and deploying a WordPress website on your Amazon EC2 Windows instance using a free Bitnami Wordpress AMI (note: "AMI" is Amazon's term for a cloud image).

    First, go to Bitnami's WordPress Stack page, Scroll to the "Cloud" section. In that section, you will see the default user and password you will need later to log into the WordPress application. Just below that, in the 'Amazon Machine Images' table, go to the 'Windows Server 2008' line and click on the link in the column corresponding to the Amazon region where you would like to launch your server.


    Unless you are already signed in to your AWS account, you will be taken to the Amazon sign in page, where you will need to sign into your account.

    The Amazon wizard to configure your EC2 instance will start now. If you are not familiar with the process, visit our tutorial on using the Amazon wizard to launch an instance

    To access Wordpress, copy the URL provided in the 'Public DNS' field as shown below and paste it into your browser.


    You will now see the Bitnami Wordpress landing page, which allows you to access Wordpress and provides links to the Bitnami support resources. 


    To login to Wordpress, click on the 'log in' link in the lower right corner.


    You will then be asked to provide the Bitnami app username and password, which is listed on the Wordpress page at as mentioned previously. Once logged in, you will be able to start creating posts and customizing your Wordpress blog!

    For help configuring your Wordpress instance, visit our Wordpress section.





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