Cloud Formation Getting Started

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    1. In order to use Cloud Formation, you first need to sign up for the service for your Amazon account. Please take a look at the AWS FAQ
    2. Login to the AWS Cloud Formation console:
    3. Choose the Bitnami Cloud Formation template you would like to use. To do so, go to and click on the application you would like to deploy. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the Bitnami Cloud Formation template URL. Save the template file. As an example, to start the SugarCRM server, you would go to the page and save the template url as the sugarcrm.template file.
    4. Click 'Create New Stack' within the AWS Cloud Formation Console.

    5. Choose your stack name (it may not include white spaces). Note that only us-east-1 is currently supported!


    6. Set your application login and password.


    7. Review your stack configuration and click on 'create stack'.


    8. The setup process may take some time. Even if the server is running, the application may still be on the way. Please wait.



      We create an elastic IP by default and assign it to your server. Enter the BitnamiIP value in the web browser window and you will see the start page below. 

    10. You can find more info how to connect to your machine here.
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