Ruby on Rails

    How to create a new rails web application

    Run "rails" followed by the name of your desired application inside the Rails:                             

    $ rails my_new_app

    That will create a directory called my_new_app with the correponding files inside.

    In case you want to connect your application with a MySQL database you will need to run the following command instead:

    $ rails my_new_app -d mysql

    If your Rails version is older than 3.0.0 you will need to execute:

    $ rails new my_new_app

    If you plan to use the MySQL database included in a BitNami stack for your application, make sure that the my_new_app/config/database.yml includes the right connection parameters. On Unix, the default socket for a BitNami Stack is located in /installdir/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock.

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