How to create a project with Laravel?

    The Laravel framework is installed in the "frameworks" folder in the installation directory. To run any command, it is necessary to start the BitNami Console. If you are using a Virtual Appliance or AMI, you can run the commands below directly.

    These are the folders that you can find in the laravel folder:

    app  artisan  bundles  conf  laravel  license.txt  paths.php  public  storage

    In the "conf " folder, you can find the Apache configuration file. You can modify that you change the URL. In the "app" and "laravel" folders are the Laravel files. The "public" folder will be the only available on the web site.

    If you are going to use a database, you can specify the settings in the "app/config/database.php" file.

    To enable the sample application, you should uncomment the following line at the end of the installdir/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf file:

    Include "installdir/frameworks/laravel/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"

    Then restart the Apache server and point your browser at http://mydomain/laravel/.

    ./ restart apache


    If you intend to use encryption or sessions, you will need the encryption key store in the "app/config/app.php" file:

    'key' => 'random_value_of_32_characters_leght',

    To start a new project, you can edit the file installdir/frameworks/laravel/app/routes.php:

    Route::get('my-first-project', function()
        return 'Hello World!';

    Then restart the Apache server and point your browser at http://mydomain/laravel/index.php/my-first-project/.

    ./ restart apache

    This framework also ships the Laravel documentation where you can find more information about it, in http://mydomain/laravel/index.php/docs/. You can also see online at

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