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    The CakePHP framework is installed in the "frameworks" folder in the installation directory. To run any command, it is necessary to start the BitNami Console. If you are using a Virtual Appliance or AMI, you can run the commands below directly.

    In the "cakephp" folder you can see the following folder schema:

    app  conf  index.php  lib  plugins  README  vendors

    All the application files are in the "app" folder and only the "app/webroot" directory will be published in the web site.

    You should modify the encryption keys in the "app/Config/core.php" file:

    Configure::write('Security.salt', '');
    Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', '');

    If your application are going to use a database, you can edit the database settings at "app/Config/database.php".

    NOTE: This guide uses "/opt/bitnami" to refer to the installation directory. This is the default installation directory for Virtual Machines and Cloud Images. If you have installed your BitNami stack in a different folder, replace "/opt/bitnami" with your installation directory in the examples.

    If you want to enable the sample application, you should uncomment the following line at the end of the Apache configuration file "/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bintami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf".

    Include "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"

    Then restart the Apache server and go to in your browser.

    $ ./ restart apache




    If you are using PostgreSQL, you should enable the "php_pdo_pgsql" extension in the php.ini file.

    In case you want to move CakePHP framework to be available in the root URL (without the "/cakephp" sub-uri), edit the "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/conf/httpd-prefix.conf" file and add the "DocumentRoot" option and comment the "Alias" entries:

    DocumentRoot "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/app/webroot/"
    #Alias /cakephp/ "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/app/webroot/"
    #Alias /cakephp "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/app/webroot"
    Include "/opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/conf/httpd-app.conf"

    You also have to replace:

    RewriteBase /cakephp


    RewriteBase /

    in /opt/bitnami/frameworks/cakephp/app/webroot/.htaccess

    Then restart Apache server:

    $ sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

    You can find more info at

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