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    How to connect to my server

    Windows & Putty

    Windows does not come with a bundled SSH client by default. It is recommended that you use the freely available Putty utility, which can be downloaded from:

    Once you installed it, you can connect following these steps: 

    • Start Putty ( Start Menu -> Programs -> Putty -> Putty ).
    • Enter your machine IP address or public domain name in the Session section:

    • Click "Open" to start the SSH session.
    • Enter your login and password that you already configured from the Azure wizard. The example below shows "bitnami" user but your user could be different.

    If you prefer to use putty from the command line you should include '-l' option as follows:

    > putty -l azure_user

    Windows & MobaXTerm

    MobaXTerm is an enhanced terminal with an X server and a set of Unix commands (GNU/Cygwin) packaged in a single portable exe file. You can dowload it at:



    You can copy files to the machine using the right panel or you can connect to the machine through SSH:

    $ ssh

    Linux or Mac OS X

    Linux and Mac OS X come bundled with SSH clients by default. To connect to your server using SSH, you need to open a Terminal and type the following:

    $ ssh

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