Prepare Amazon Web Services (AWS) account

    Sign up for AWS account

    Learn how to sign up for the AWS account below.

    If you already have one and you want to start using BitNami Cloud Hosting, then check that you are subscribed to the required services and go to Collect AWS credentials info

    Go to and click Sign Up Now button. You may also visit this AWS account activity page what will bring you to the signup form presented below. Fill in the form with your email address and new password. Do not forget to select "I am a new user" option.

    Type your email address once again and click Create account.

    Fill in your Contact information and click Continue.

    You will see a message that your new AWS account has been created.


    Subscribe to the required EC2 services

    If your Amazon account was created before October 2011, you may also need to subscribe to the Amazon EC2 services.

    1. Please go to the following URL:

    2. Confirm that "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)",  "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)"  and "Elastic Block Store (EBS)" are listed as services you are signed up for.

    3. If they are listed as services that you are not signed up for, you should click the button "Add Now" next to them and follow the instructions.


    Collect AWS credentials info

    In order to connect Bitnami Cloud Hosting to your Amazon Web Services account, you will need to providea  pair of access keys. You can get this pair as follows:

    • Go to the AWS security credentials page:

    • Open the "Access Keys" section by clicking the "+" next to it.




    • Click the button "Create New Access Key". This will create a new pair of Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Click "Show Access Key" in the popup to see the access key values:



    Important: You will not able to get the Secret Access Key again after you close the popup. Please make sure that you have copied the values before closing it.




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